Altis, map week!

We have switched to hosting one map at a time.
this is to insure more people play together.
Sorry the server was down, I had a death in the
family and took some time off to deal with that

Welcome to the home page of Brothers With Arms, a private squad for the game Arma3.
The password to join the server is 123, and you can use A3Launcher to find us.
This is also the fastest and easiest way to download the mods you will need.
We are currently playing on the Exile mod, heavily modd'ed.
If you play the game and would like to join us, you are welcome too.
We try to keep it PVE as we have the random spawns and patrols
set to a rather hard difficulty. If you would like to make
it really hard on yourself, you can of course not join our group.
We have all voice com's if the need should arise. You may use them
until we need them, we will just move you if need be and not kick you.
If you play with your friends we suggest you use a discord channel of your own.
In game coms work so there is always that to use. It is set to the highest quality.
I have a test running on my private server to display stats, it's just a test.

TS3 client Download
Join the TS3 server here.
If you wish to set up it up manually the address is Use your in game name please.

Arma 3 server details and mod's.

Team speak viewer and channel list